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The Approaches And Practices Of Language Teaching Essay

The Approaches and Practices in Language Teaching Communicative Practices in Language Teaching What is communicative language teaching (CLT)? Brown (2014, p. 236) offered the following four interrelated characteristics as the definitions of CLT: 1. CLT helps students develop the four competences instead of merely focusing on their linguistic competence or grammatical competence 2. CLT enables learners to use the language for meaningful purposes in authentic situations. Learning language forms are not the aim of the approach, but to enable them to engage in authentic interactions 3. Fluency and accuracy activities complement each other as is seen in the underlying communicative techniques. 4. Students are expected to use the language naturally and in unrehearsed contexts It’s important to engage students in doing some communicative practices. Richard (2006) explained that communicative practices are those activities that focus on exchanging real information and using language in an authentic context, thus the communication is based on the specific situation and not predictable. Communicative language teaching has been proven to be effective in improving students’ communicative abilities and other language skills. Richards and Rodgers (2001) also wrote that an important goal of communicative language teaching is to help students improve their communicative competence and other language skills. This indicates that the communicative activities can help language learnersShow MoreRelatedCulture and Foreign Language: Teaching and Learning Essay1488 Words   |  6 Pagesthis subsection, different approaches to teaching culture within the foreign language teaching practice and different views of the term â€Å"culture† are going to b e presented as a mean to explore the close relationship between culture and language and determine what is understood as culture in this study. As it was mentioned above, there are different definitions of culture. These views have relied on the different language acquisition theories and teaching approaches that have emerged in the historyRead MoreThe Exploration Of Grammar Teaching Approaches On Efl Classroom1501 Words   |  7 PagesThe exploration of grammar teaching approaches on EFL Classroom 1. Introduction Grammar learning is a study about words and the ways words work together is, it is the ruled-governed behavior that forces language users put words together into sentences. No one can use the language without fellow its principles. Therefore, Study grammar is the must once person want express themselves clearer and more efficient, especially when speaking in a academic circumstance or communicating in artistic mannerRead MoreTeaching And Learning English As A Foreign Language774 Words   |  4 PagesCourse: Advanced Teaching Methodology Name: à ¢n Ä Class: 2016-B Instructor: Æ °Ã† ¡ng, Ph.D. Taking the course of MA on TESOL, whose design is research-oriented, post-graduates are required to accomplish credit subjects including Advanced Teaching Methodology. It is obviously an opportunity for master students not only to review what they have learned but also to have an in-depth insight of issues related to teaching and learning English as a foreign language. Two-third ofRead MoreThe Pedagogical Aspects Of Communicative Language Teaching984 Words   |  4 PagesCommunicative Language Teaching This essay will take just a peek at some of the pedagogical aspects of Communicative Language Teaching and the teachers therein. As the U. K. entered the common market (EEC) in the early 1970s. A sharp rise in demand from our new European neighbours for The English Language landed on our shores. Due to the modernization of secondary schools not only in Europe but indeed worldwide, languages were a hot commodity and many were on offer, English being most sort afterRead MoreTeaching English For Speakers Of Other Languages ( Esol )1120 Words   |  5 PagesThis essay attempts to analyze the effect of different approaches to grammar teaching in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classroom. Basically, two approaches which are task-based learning (TBL) and presentation practice production (PPP) will be discussed and compared from different aspects. A great quantity of English teachers consider the significant part of English teaching is about improving the communicative competence of students and grammar is less concerned than it. ItRead MoreTeaching Phonics And Teach Phonics1474 Words   |  6 Pagesto teach children to read and write, with this comes different approaches that teachers’ need to be aware of. Phonics is one of the approaches adopted by teachers when teaching children to read and write. Adopting different methods of teaching phonics its what makes teachers effective, and adaptive. This essay aims to look closer at phonics and some of the different approaches used to teach phonics in the classroom. Phonics approaches that will be discussed in this paper include synthetic phonicsRead MoreA Study of Learning Strategies in L2 Acquisition1660 Words   |  7 PagesA Study of Learning Strategies in L2 Acquisition 〠Abstract】With the concept of autonomy being part of the mainstream of research and practice within the field of language education, the study of learning strategies in L2 acquisition has drawn much attention. This paper discusses the issues covering the fundamental aspect: identification and classification of learning strategy. The problems are reviewed concerning the definition and classification of learning strategies and then the paper tentativelyRead MoreSociocultural Approaches And The Construction Of Knowledge1650 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Sociocultural approaches emphasize the interdependence and individual processes in the construction of knowledge†.(John-Steiner,V and Mahn,H 1996).The real understanding of constructivism is only paying much attention on the learners’ previous experience and background knowledge .It maintains that individuals create or construct their own new understandings or knowledge through the interaction of what they alre ady believe and the ideas,events,and activities with which they come into contact.(FacultyRead MoreTeaching Phonics And Teach Phonics1414 Words   |  6 Pagesteach children to read and write, with this comes different approaches that teachers need to be aware of. Phonics is one of the approaches adopted by teachers when teaching children to read and write. Teachers adopt different methods to teaching phonics its what makes them effective teachers and adaptive. This essay aims to look closer at phonics and some of the different approaches used to teach phonics in the classroom. Phonic approaches that will be discussed in this paper include synthetic phonicsRead MoreEssay On Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Good Teacher1378 Words   |  6 Pages A good teacher is not defined by a specific personality or style of teaching; rather, a good teacher is defined by her commitment to her students learning. A good teacher is someone who is patient with her students, who creatively and relentl essly finds helpful ways to communicate ideas to students, and who instills confidence in her students by setting them up for success. A good teacher inspires her students to strive for more than they think possible. A good teacher teaches her students how

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The Effect Of Advertising Weight On Sales Of A Product

1 Summary This report describes in detail the model that has been developed, with the aim to investigate the effect of advertising weight on sales of a product which subsequently reflects the changes on profit of the company. The report also explains the mechanism of the model in addressing the concern of the Marketing Director regarding the feasibility and profitability of increasing sales by 100%. 2 Introduction and General Assumptions 2.1 Experimental Coverage It is assumed in this model that there are only 15 terrestrial broadcast television areas in the whole country and that the experiment covers the entire area of the country. 2.2 Equal Sales Arising from Each Area Sales in standardised units are recalculated to the real sales volume in 2015 (Appendix 1, Column F). To obtain an unbiased and comparable result, total sales in each region are assumed to be equal, hence sales arising from each area in 2014 is  £26,024/15 =  £1,734.93, and this figure will be adjusted according to the percentage change to obtain sales figures in 2015. 2.3 Cost Our model considers only the cost incurred by advertisement and ignores all other costs for calculation purposes. That is, Total profit = Profit contribution of sales - Media cost. 2.4 Allocation of Resources The total of advertising weight of the 15 areas in 2015 is 1500 standardized units, which is the same in 2014 (15 areas x 100 base units = 1500 units), thus suggesting that the total resources spent on advertising is theShow MoreRelatedAdvertising Is Not Ethical?956 Words   |  4 Pagesmedieval times the use of advertising has been in use whether it was capturing a thief or raising taxes. From industrialization and promoting new cars through advertisement, it has changed the way the whole world operates with the introduction of new and improved items. Today advertising has become a 150 billion dollar industry (ConsumerNation). Advertising is a part of everyday life because it helps companies promote new products, but is is advertising ethical? Advertising is not ethical because itRead MorePropaganda Techniques Today s Advertising By Anne Mcclintock1673 Words   |  7 PagesIn the essay, â€Å"Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising† by Anne McClintock, McClintoc k shows seven different ways that propaganda is used. One mostly used by advertisement today would be Glittering Generalities, using positive words to bring attraction to their product while concealing the actual meanings. They will use inspiring words that are very vague that the consumer would not really understand what the product would really do to benefit them but would be inspired to buy it anyways. AnotherRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Health Marketing Communications Essay1724 Words   |  7 Pages In summary, Thai people are becoming more concerns about health including their body weight, which causes the high number of sales growth of alternative healthy foods and supplements in the country. While weight management supplements, has been forecasted to dominate 40% of consumer health products in the year 2020, bringing more opportunities for brands to penetrate into this market segment. However, brands have to carefully consider the credibility of marketing tools when approaching health-consciousRead MoreWeight Loss and Ideal Target Market964 Words   |  4 Pages1. What makes Metabical different from the other weight-loss products on the market? Medibical is the first FDA-approved prescription drug for the overweight segment (BMI 25-30). It is a low-dose formula that reduces stress on heart and liver functions. Metabical also contains a controlled-release feature that requires only one pill be taken per day which leads to better patient compliance. Participants experience dramatic weight loss with an average 26 pounds for BMI 28-30 and 15 pounds for BMIRead MoreRtd Fruit Drinks-Category Attractiveness Analysis Essay1541 Words   |  7 PagesC515 RTD Fruit Drinks-Case Analysis 2 Category Attractiveness Analysis Group 4 * Customer needs and behavior * 100% juiced product in bottle form * Plastic bottles-enter vending market segment? * Sugar Free (I don’t know same as diet?) * Snapple + Energy product * Powder form to add to bottled water * Low calorie option (pretty low already 100-120 calories)/low carb * Large carton option in more flavors * Market or market segment sizeRead MoreAdvertising Is Not Ethical?971 Words   |  4 Pages From the start of the medieval times the use of advertising has been in use, whether it was a way to inform the people, capture a thief or raise taxes. By the industrialization age of promoting new cars through advertisement, advertising has changed the way the whole world operates with the introduction of new and improved items. Today â€Å"United States has become the largest advertising market in the world (Statista). Advertising is a part of everyday life that can target different age groups becauseRead MoreObesity : Obesity And Obesity Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pagesprediction that all fifty states will have obesity rates above 44% by 2030, with some as high as 66.7% (Hellmich). So what is obesity? Obesity is defined as being about thirty pounds over a healthy weight. The â€Å"healthy weight† depends on several factors such as age, gender, and height. The extra weight that comes with obesity can cause or increase the risk for several illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, along with many others. The health care cost of obesity relatedRead MoreThe Negatives Of Fitness Advertising995 Words   |  4 Pagesunrealistic body images and displaying false results. Fitness advertising can be found in print and broadcast forms. While fitness advertising can be viewed as having both positives and negatives, I believe fitness advertising is negative. This paper will discuss the negatives of fitness advertising, to include creating negative body images and promoting false results. It will, also, address the counterarguments against fitness advertising being negative. Many fitness advertisements proclaim the ideaRead MoreThe Media And Its Effects On Teen And Young Undeveloped Brains1237 Words   |  5 PagesThe advertising business views teenagers in society as a viable market section, due to their immature understanding of the media and its dazzling impact on teen and young undeveloped brains. The media is progressively specializing in children and adolescents to captivate with advertisements. according to market research corporations, teenagers are vital to marketers because they can pay a considerable open income, spend family cash easily, and they are easily able to influence their families to spendRead MoreEffects Of Advertising On Women s Body1239 Words   |  5 Pageswomen stated that the images portrayed on television, movies, fashion magazines, and advertising makes them feel insecure† (Hitz 1). Although certain companies have started campaigns to promote self-confidence within one’s own skin, society overpowers the mind of women when it comes to how a body should look. Billboards and commercial advertisements about how to lose weight and get fit in a short amount of time effects a person mind; by implying that the way they look is not enough to be considered beautiful

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Cyber Bullying And Its Effects On Children - 866 Words

The Internet is another media outlet that is abundant with violent content. Studies show that 90% of American teenagers use the Internet which is vastly unregulated (Lenhart). Thus, children have easy access to pornography, websites with cruel and racist content, and real-life scenes of violence. With pornography and profanity just being a Google-search away, free, and mostly without age restrictions, children tend to develop sexual curiosity at a very young age. According to Network World Inc., terms related to â€Å"sex and porn were near the top of the [search] list† not only for teenagers but even for â€Å"the sevens [year olds] and under† (Skinner). As a result of unsupervised usage of social networking websites and chat rooms, children frequently become victims of cyber bulling or prey to sex offenders. reports that â€Å"over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online† (Cyber Bullying Statistics). Cyber bullying can have devastating consequences on children. 15 year old Amanda Todd killed herself after she was bullied online by her schoolmates (Wikipedia, Suicide of Amanda Todd). Additionally, internet chat rooms can be a hunting ground for sex offenders who target children online. The online children safety advocacy group PureSight states that â€Å"one in five U.S. teenagers who regularly log on to the Internet says they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation† (Online Predators – Statistics). Using social media websites is one of the mostShow MoreRelatedCyber Bullying And Its Effects On Children1314 Words   |  6 PagesBullying, according to Oxford Dictionary, is the use of â€Å"superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to force someone to do what one wants.† Growing up, the only bullying that I have witnessed is on the television. The majority of people perceive a bully as a tough boy threatening another for his lunch money, but times have changed in unison with technology evolving. One of the overwhelmingly popular uses of the internet is to contact friends and relatives by posting pictures and sendingRead MoreCyber Bullying And Its Effects On Children And Adults Alike921 Words   |  4 Pages Technology has consumed our generation of children and adults alike, such luxuries such as cell phones and internet, have made our ways of communication much more convenient and accessible. Whether it be for pleasure,intimidation, or education our children are interracting more and more via the internet and social media accounts. This new media has created two new problems for students and teachers to deal with, cyber bullying and sexting. The biggest consequence is how to punish them. As peopleRead MoreCyber Bullying And Its Effects On Children And Adults Across The Globe1693 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Bullying doesn’t just happen on the playground or in the workplace; it has now taken over the Internet and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The term for online bullying is referred to as â€Å"cyber-bullying†. â€Å"Cyber-bullying is defined as the use of email, cell phones, text messages, and Internet sites to threaten, harass, embarrass, or socially exclude† (Patchin, 2015). Much like the face-to-face bullying some may encounter in school can cause physicalRead MoreCyber Bullying Must Be Improved And Consistent1267 Words   |  6 Pages Amanda Bridges Ms. Shultz / Mrs. Seymore English 5th Period 28 January 2015 Cyber Bullying Have you ever been cyber bullied? The effects of cyberbullying are greater than many people have come to realize. Cyber bullies have been around for a long time, but technology now gives them a whole new way to get to their victims easier and faster. Cyberbullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner (abouthealth). Cyberbullying happensRead MoreThe Social Problem Of Peer Pressure1659 Words   |  7 Pagespressured into bullying by their peers and conforming to peer pressure that leads to Cyber-bullying and Cyber-crimes. Bullies are misinterpreted as perpetrators; however, they were at some point victims too and created due to lack of social intervention and significantly affected by the victimization by their peers. Cyberbullying: Through the eyes of children and young people, it acknowledges how bullying has entered a â€Å"digital era† and the need for professionals and adults to protect the children by helpingRead MoreEssay about Cyber Bullying1223 Words   |  5 Pagesbut to those who have been or are currently victims of cyber bullying words can be the difference between life and death. â€Å"Words hurt, and they hurt much more when repeated in the echo chamber of the Internet.† (Rep. Linda Sanchez via There are at least 4 examples in the United States where cyber-bullying has been linked to the suicide of a teenager [1]. What is Cyber Bullying? Cyber bullying is defined as â€Å"bullying through information and communication technologies, mediumsRead MoreCyber Bullying And Its Effect On Society1536 Words   |  7 PagesBullying has been an extreme issue all around the world for hundreds of years, and since modern technology has advanced, so has cyber bullying. â€Å"‘Gimme’ your lunch money† has turned into texting and posting gruesome threats and embarrassing material all over social media. Millions of kids all over the world have taken their own lives due to the harmful effects of cyber bullying. Problems that cannot be resolved independently are brought to court, and the government has become increasingly involvedRead MoreCyber Bullying And Its Effect On Our Youth930 Words   |  4 PagesCyber-bulling â€Å"Cyber-bullying and its Effect on our Youth,† has released some useful information to American Osteopathic Association directed by unknown author and Dr. Jennifer N. Caudle, certified family physician. Dr. Caudle approaches to parents while she breaks down some statistics that could potentially prevent cyber bullying. Although, the author of the article along with Dr. Caudle does not reveal sufficient information of cyber bullying, the information given can be wisely incorporatedRead MoreCyber Bullying1493 Words   |  6 PagesPLAYED ON MEAGAN IS KNOWN AS CYBER BULLYING. IN THE YEARS SINCE I FIRST HEARD THIS STORY I’VE HEARD PLENTY MORE STORIES THAT FIT THIS CATEGORY SUCH AS THE SUICIDE OF RYAN HALLIGAN, AND TYLER CLEMENTI JUST TO NAME A COUPLE. CONSTANTLY HEARING THESE STORIES IN THE NEWS LET ME KNOW THAT CYBER-BULLYING IS A GROWING PHENOMENON AFFECTING MANY LIVES AROUND THE WORLD WHICH IS WHY I CHOSE THIS TOPIC TO RESEARCH. TODAY I WANT TO TELL YOU WHAT PROFESS IONALS DESCRIBE AS CYBER-BULLYING ,SOME OF THE ACCREDITED RESEARCHRead MoreAn Analysis of Cyber-Bullying in a Multiethnic Sample Essays974 Words   |  4 Pagesand teachers alike in combating what is popularly known as cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying emerged from the anonymity technology provides bullies, the victims’ would receive repeated taunts, flames, in the form of emails, text messages, messages lefts on the victims’ social networking sites up to exclusion from those media sites. Goebert, D., Else, I., Matsu, C., Chung-Do, J., and Chang, J.Y., (2011) looked into the effects of cyber bullying on the mental health of ethnic high school students. The

Brigham Young Free Essays

Do you know that individuals like the ‘American Jesus’ are historically rare to find in the world? Brigham Young is a man who led many into proclaiming the ‘good news’ of the Lord God of Israel. He led a band of men stripped of their worldly possessions into territories unknown. He had neither financial nor political backing but he was successful in establishing an industrious as well as an organized society. We will write a custom essay sample on Brigham Young or any similar topic only for you Order Now The only authority that he had was priesthood and of course his spiritual power. He gathered his people like a hen would to its chicks and gave them the sweet bread of life; the Gospel; the word of God (Arrington, L.   Nibley H. nd). Brigham Young is one of the leading historical figures as far as the Mormon Religion is concerned. His life patterns well with that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Bible in his mission to spread the word of God to every corner of the World. This essay therefore looks at Brigham Young’s life in relation to that of Jesus of Nazareth. Background To get a clear picture of the life patterns of Brigham, it is important to first get an insight of his background. Brigham Young was born on 1st June of the year 1801 in Whitingham in Vermont. He was the 9th born out of the eleven children that John Young with his wife Abigail Howe were blessed with. The family moved to New York when Brigham was only three years of age. He grew up helping his parents in their daily chores. His caring heart was revealed early when he took care of his ailing mother who had been suffering from tuberculosis. He was perhaps being prepared for his future role to take care of a larger flock. At the age of fourteen, his mother died and his father remarried. Brigham left from home to stay for sometime with a sister in Auburn. There he became a successful apprentice carpenter, glazier and a painter (Arrington, L. Nibley H. nd). Later in 1823 he moved to New York where he worked as a carpenter and a painter in Port Byron. At twenty three, he married Miriam Works (though he would later marry multiple wives after her death) and joined the Church of Methodist. After the birth of their first child, they moved to Oswego where he joined a religious seekers group. H e then moved his family near his father at Mendon. Joseph Smith the then leader of Mormon in his church mission passed by Mendon and left a copy of the Book of Mormons with a brother to Brigham. Brigham got access of the book and after going through it was greatly impressed. Two years later, he was baptized and became a believer of Mormon (Arrington, L. Nibley H. nd). Following in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth Like Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Brigham had a burning desire to make known the gospel across the world. During his first summon just one week after he was baptized, Brigham declared that after baptism â€Å"I wanted to thunder and roar out the Gospel to the nations. It burned in my bones like fire pent up, so I commenced to preach†¦. Nothing would satisfy me but to cry abroad in the world, what the Lord was doing in the latter days† Putting into practice his words, thundering and roaring of the gospel he did. Like Jesus leaving his father, Brigham left his family to go ‘abroad’ and establish God’s kingdom (Arrington, L. Nibley H. nd). Like Jesus, his work in the service of God started in his home town and then spread abroad. His preaching missions carried him to every corner of Mendon. His dedication as well as his potential qualified him to join the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the Mormon Church of Joseph Smith. The Twelve’s duty was to travel far and wide to spread the gospel. They preached to all nations and to people of different kinds. Their stay was not at home but away where the gospel had not reached. Afterwards, The Twelve moved to Great Britain to act as missionaries of the word of God. Brigham had left his family in dire poverty and was determined to reach England or better die in his trying to. He was ready to die Jesus’ way for a cause which he believed in; spread the Gospel. In Britain, Brigham out of his prowess directed all the works of The Twelve. In the same footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth, he had greatly inspired The Twelve and no wonder they made him their leader and overseer (Arrington, L. Nibley H. nd). When the Twelve Apostles came back to Nauvoo, Brigham was assigned the role of directing the apostles by Joseph Smith in their missionary work as well as other activities like land purchasing and construction projects. Playing Jesus, Brigham was now the leader of the Twelve Disciples. He was the assistant of Joseph Smith who was the First president as far as authority and responsibility was concerned. It is thus clear that he took the second position after Joseph Smith which placed him in a similar position with that of Jesus; Jesus was also the second after God. This position made him more influential to not only his disciples but also in the whole of Nauvoo and abroad in general. Even after the death of his Spiritual Father, Joseph died; he remained the leader of the Twelve until his own death in 1877. They travelled far and wide preaching the Gospel, the work that they had been called to do. Long afterwards, the work that Brigham had started continued. Before he had died, he had organized the leadership of the church of Mormon. He had lived a life by the example of Jesus Christ and fitted perfectly in the footsteps of The Son of God (Arrington, L. Nibley H. nd). Despite his good work, just like many other Mormonism men, Brigham used his status to take in plural wives. He used his missionary work as a tool to take advantage of vulnerable women. For instance, his second wife Mary was a window. Just like in Jesus’ time, when many, claiming to be the Son of God and savior took advantage of the poor and sinful, Brigham is not an exception of those who took advantage of the doctrine (Mormon Heteric, 2009). Was Brigham true or a False Prophet? Could Brigham have been a prophet of darkness? The words in the Bible in the book of Deuteronomy 13: 1-5 can help clear the confusion between a true and a false prophet. It says that a prophet may foretell things to happen in the future and they shall come to pass. However, a man may have miraculous powers but not actually a prophet of the Lord. Any of the prophets who encourage the worshiping of other gods apart from the God of Israel is false. Jesus himself in the gospels is quoted warning that â€Å"many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Messiah’ and they will lead many astray† according to the works of Brigham and in the limelight of these statements, does Brigham qualify as a prophet of God? (Ulachos, 1979). In history, a few poses the character of Young. For a period of thirty years, he gave himself wholly to the service of the Lord. He claimed to be a prophet in the Church of Mormon. Though he was the chair of the of the Mormon Church who presided the longest, he in fact taught false doctrine that directed its worship to a god who is not the Lord God of Israel. He had given a sermon that God and Jesus had physical bodies made of bone as well as flesh. He concluded that Adam was in fact the God of Israel who should be worshipped. The claim by Brigham that Adam was God makes it clear that he was not a true prophet of the Lord; he was false and uninspired. Because of his belief, Brigham fell out with his disciples and still many opposed him (Ulachos, 1979). More so, he put it that Jesus Christ was begotten of the father who was their God. Adam was God and therefore, Jesus was his son. Many people did not like his interpretation of the New Testament and they opposed him. However, he managed to draw a group of them to believe that Adam was their God and Jesus his son. They defended him saying that people had misunderstood Young. If he had made a mistake, he would have corrected himself which he never did. This meant that his mind was right. His preaching of his own interpretation of the gospel from what was written down in the New Testament makes him no exception of a false prophet (Ulachos, 1979). Conclusion Brigham Young’s work in spreading the Gospel of the Lord God of Israel pictures well with that of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He set out to do what many at the time could not have done and that is why to the present day, he is remembered in the Mormon Doctrine as one who made a great impact to the Church. Through the Gospel works, he rose from a humble background to a man who could sustain and give his twenty families a good life. Some of his teachings leave people wondering whether he was a true prophet of the Lord God as he claimed to be. However over the centuries, it has been an almost impossible task to identify who a false prophet is. References Arrington, L. Nibley H. (nd). Brigham Young. Retrieved from http://www. lightplanet. com/mormons/people/brigham_young. html Mormon Heteric. (2009). Economics of polygamy, divorce, and happiness. Retrieved http://www. mormonheretic. org/2009/11/15/economics-of-polygamy-divorce-and-happiness-daynes-part-4/- Ulanchos, C. (1979). Brigham Young’s False Teaching: Adam is God. Retrieved http://www. beyondweird. com/occult/adam. html How to cite Brigham Young, Papers

The Significance Of Teacher Essay Sample free essay sample

The significance of the teacher’s personality must be emphasized in any modern society. Supervisors should hold innate abilities to react to students’ jobs sufficiently and heighten their penetration by using his/her ain cognition or experience gained antecedently. It is this uninterrupted apprehension of student’s demands and ways of thought. and the capacity to place the thoughts that little kids and adolescents do desire to implement. and to guarantee aid and support to enable them to â€Å"melt in† . which makes training such demanding and exciting procedure. Taking into history all the grounds indicated above it would be appropriate to observe that to go a professional pedagogue one should by nature have a set of communicational accomplishments. and leading features. Extra preparations and classs may merely heighten pedagogical ability and heighten the instruction experience. In order for the individual to form efficient learning procedure. s/he should include the undermentioned characteristics: In would be good to reason that instructors non merely have to utilize their congenital endowments. We will write a custom essay sample on The Significance Of Teacher Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page but besides better them by agencies of regular preparations. classs. work-shops. etc. to guarantee high-quality pedagogical procedure. Mentions Kincholoe. J. . Slattery. P. . A ; Steinberg. S. ( 2000 ) .Contextualizing instruction.New York: Longman

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Discrimination against Black and Whites Essay Example For Students

Discrimination against Black and Whites Essay This story, Black Boy is a great book that describes how the author, Richard Wright, suffered in the South of the United States during the time when there was still a lot of discrimination throughout the country. Since the author explained many of his horrible experiences in the past, this book cannot be written in a thin book. This thick book is full of his great experiences that wanted to be read by many people in the world in order to let everybody know the disasters of racism. This racism affected Richard Write a lot and he had to adapt to the environment that he was in, although he didn’t know how he should act in front of white people in the beginning of the story. There are not many examples in the beginning of the story since Richard was a little boy, and he still didn’t know about racism. He did know that something was different between black and whites, but he wasn’t able to understand it since he was too young. He even talks to himself in Pg. 49 that â€Å"I had heard that colored people were killed and beaten, but so far it all had seemed remote. There was, of course, a vague uneasiness about it all, but I would be able to handle that when I came to it. It would be simple. If anybody tried to kill me, then I would kill them first. † After this, he realized the harshness of racism around his society when Uncle Hoskins got shot by a white man when he was at the saloon. And the reason is just because a black man was earning a lot of money and the white man became jealous. Also after this scene, there is an another example in Pg. 172 where he met his classmate, Ned Greenley who had lost his brother since the whites shot him for a specific reason. Ned said, â€Å"Th-they said he was fooling with a white prostitute there in the hotel. † Richard was shocked since he could be in those kinds of situations at any time. Richards starts to think of really going to North soon as possible now. In Chapter nine, there is a scene that is really harsh where Richard sees it, but could do nothing. This scene is at the clothing store for black people where Richard worked. The black employees were treated like slaves in the store; the white owners would push, kick, or slap the blacks. Although Richard saw this scene many times, he never got used to it. Another big thing is the time when Richard sees a black woman getting raped by two white men. This is a part from the book that describes how evil this time of period was. On Pg. 179, it says, â€Å"White people passed and looked on without expression. A white policeman watched from the corner, twirling his night stick; but he made no move. I watched out of the corner of my eyes, but I never slackened the strokes of my chamois upon the brass. After a moment or two I heard shrill screams coming from the rear room of the store; later the woman stumbled out, bleeding, crying, holding her stomach, her clothing torn. When she reached the sidewalk, the policeman met her, grabbed her, accused her of being drunk, called a patrol wagon and carted her away. † When I read this scene, it really hurt my heart. I couldn’t believe that the police didn’t do anything at all and although the policeman knew that the black woman was raped, he accused her of being drunken. .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 , .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .postImageUrl , .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 , .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315:hover , .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315:visited , .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315:active { border:0!important; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315:active , .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315 .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u25a8839c662b31baf1dd7b24edf77315:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: How Does Gatsby Represent The American Dream EssayRichard could have thought of saving the woman, but if he did something to the whites, he could be killed. Therefore, Richard wasn’t able to do anything. All he could do was to feel sorry for the lady. This doesn’t mean that Richard didn’t worry about the woman, it was the way how he had to act in the South. After Richard realizes the social cycle between the whites and the blacks at his work place, he sacrifices his morals to save more money. He begins to bootleg liquor to sell to white prostitutes in the hotel that he worked at. After that, he involves in a ring for scamming tickets. Then, he quickly amasses enough money to move out to the North. Although Richard was working earnest, he quits it because it was very hard to collect money if he had worked earnestly. Since Richard Write had an experience that he does not want to experience anymore, he was able to write this book, which would tell all the readers that discrimination or racism is not a good thing to do. He explained how he had to act as a black man; if he didn’t act like a black man, he might have not gotten the chance of writing this book. Richard Write had explained how blacks should act as a black, and although many horrible things were occurring around him, he wasn’t able to change it since he was just a black man. I feel that Richard really wanted to resist against the white men but if he did, he knew that he was going to be dead. Although in the beginning of the story, he said that, â€Å"If anybody tried to kill me, then I would kill them first†, as a result he wasn’t able to disobey the whites because he was scared of death. Since he was able to adapt to the society that he was in, he was able to earn money and was able to go to the North to have a better life.