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3.Can terrorism be risk managed Discuss with reference to old and new Essay

3.Can terrorism be risk managed Discuss with reference to old and new forms of terrorism - Essay Example To actualize this threat, they may decide to harm one who opposes their candidate. The fact is that voting is secret and the bully knows that to increase the chances of his candidate winning, he has to ensure that there is increased pressure and more harm. This is how terrorism activity occurs (Samuels, 2008). To begin the essay, there are many other forms of evil deeds that are often confused with terrorism. These include murder, assassination, assault, battery, destruction of property, theft, robbery, rape, extortion and espionage. All these are not terrorism, but can be utilized by terrorists to conduct terrorism (Melisow, 2008). In these modern times, terrorism is used for political gains. Politics is not an individual game; rather, it involves a group. Most of these political activities are controlled by governments. This forms a soft target by the terrorists, who want to affect government activities and change the way a government performs by scaring people in a country (Melisow, 2008). This sentiment is echoed by Hoffman who states that terrorism is all about power; it’s the pursuit of power, its acquisition, and subsequent use for political change (2013). The old terrorism was practiced during the French revolution. Despite its modern-day use, it had a positive implication. It occurred during the period of 1793-1794 during the transient anarchical period of unrest, as a result of the 1789 uprising (Hoffman, 2013). Although the current world refers to it as terrorism, during the earlier times, it was known as an instrument used by the government of a new revolutionary state. Hoffman points out that â€Å"it was designed to consolidate the new government’s power by intimidating counter revolutionaries† (2013, p.3). It constituted the committee of general security and revolutionary tribunal. They were very powerful and had the ability to arrest and prosecute by form of death, anyone who tried to oppose the revolution. The earlier

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Session Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Session Planning - Essay Example However, these requirements are different for Bass players. They will play directly from our solid-state pre amps and direct boxes for direct recording. Please be advised to use strings in your guitar and don’t forget to tune them a several times before the session for the correct pitch. For keyboardists, please note to bring your own keyboards and its stand. You are required to bring your own power cables, pedals and manuals. Although, we have different MIDI gear and other devices available at the studio but we would advise you to use your own for better sound quality. Similarly, Drummers need to bring their own drums to the studio on the day of session. Before final recordings make sure the heads are newly installed along with pedals that do not squeak at all. Drums should be finely tuned before the session. For vocalist, please rehearse again and again to know the notes and lyrics by heart. Make sure you know all the highs and lows of the notes required in your song. Musicians required will be: One drummer, one keyboardist, two bass guitarists, one on electric guitars, a vocalist with three background supporting vocalists and other musicians if required any by the band. The setting of the musicians is set apart so their mics will not interfere with each other. We have made sure that there should be enough distance between vocalist and the drummer and between the guitarists and the keyboardists. There are 9 tracks to be played in the session. 5 out of 9 tracks will be recorded on acoustic guitars whereas; the remaining 4 songs will be pop/country. They would be the unplugged low versions. Each day each song will be given approximately 5-6 minutes during the entire session including the rehearsals. The people apart from the musicians will consist of our technical team, studio engineer, sound engineer and the management. Please avoid bringing any